can you help us map 10000 most productive youth collaborators in net generation?

we are starting with 2 groups of 5000


5000 -openly nominated

5000 reflecting pro=youth economics views of The Economist's Unacknowleddged Giant Norman Macrae: 10 clusters are expected to help map this


500 from japan socialtech- whose pro-youth economic systems in 3rd quarter of 20th centiry were norman's favorite journalistic assignment and in his view what started takeof of asian pacific century 1976-2075

500 from bangla socialtech at 41 inspired inter alia by norman's favorite living pro-youth economist muhammad yunus (see 50 most exciting projects of yunus assembled from 20 interveiws 2007-2011- related norman macrae foundation projects inlcude yunus vd 10000, loans for launch of journal of social business

500 from mit/boston area

500 from jobs competitions and other student collaboration outes of america's poorest colleges and communities

500 from orgiins of entrepreneurship in europe particularly the auld ally socotalnd and france -main job get merket to understand keynes; get eu to keep its promise at end of 2011 at

500 from mandela partners in virtually free universities out of south africa

500 from microgreen networks

500 from youthworldbanking

500 from changing economics of media le by eg singforhope thegreenchildren space-heroes

500 from chinasocialtech



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Many of our processes are inspired by 170 years of practices of journalists for humanity- 1843 being the first regular source (known to us) to journalists of that sort that is accessible on the woprldwide web

YOUTH1000 Mediation Process (MP) 1

for example a monthly deadline is set - any youth 10000 with good news they want their peers to celebrate or action, post it in by 25th of month so that the collaboration newsletter can be issued to all at start of the month. Of course as the newssletter grows, its sections will evolve and can be sub-subscrided to but the unified deadline process is key to making this job creation's number 1 collaboration-action media

MP2 - we cascade what jim collins cals Big Hairy Audacious Coals (BHAGs)- at youthworldbanking, the youth10000 goal at the top of the world of sustainainbility investment  is investing in youth co-creating 3 billion jobs:

a billion "community" jobs ie those needed so children can thrive whatever global vilage they grow up in - collaboration around this microeconomics compass includes expoenential sustaining system designs of bottom-up nutrition, health, educational and financial services

a billion green jobs - these are edriven be metrics that do no conflict woth nature - fields include energy, water, agriculture, zero waste

a billion COLLAB jobs-  that could not have been conceived in 1960s because collaboration technology was million times poorer when man raced to the moon - and the idea that moores law could apply to open sourcing a community-owned knowledge franchise didnt yet have enough peer to peer connectivity to viralise good news;

we're all intrapreneurial now Big goes bust News The Economist. Saturday, 17 April 1982. Pages 47,48. Vol 283, issue 7233.

as we know from norman macrae's 1982 survey of intrapreneurship- most service franchises take years of development by a small action team in one place to perfect; its then that the replication model of invewstment can be chosen.  As the EU finally recognised in a 2000 citizens summit in nov 2011-the only way that european youth has a working future is IF government urgenrly outsources to youth and community ownership of the most exciting economics social solutions (see ) that have been proven by youth to sustain one community  and which can next be shared with any community whose desperate needs have a similar contextual profile.  A simple example :in busy nations like usa up to half of food is eaten outside the home- but why are the only fast food franchises likely to cause you obesity? Is it impossible for a team to develop a franchsie configured round local healthy meals of the day whose franchise model could be open sourced for any community's youth to own where people want nutritious fast food?

Does such an entrepreneurial and healthy public service sound too idealistic for communities to empower?  Not if you talk to Jamie Oliver who wants to help with the process- and is a famous tv personality on both sides of the atlantic in debating why are school lunches so junky - he also runs charity restaurants which create jobs for youth as masterchefs who would otheriwse have dropped out of productive society

MP3 circulate stimuli that viralise good news stories  in ways that spike youth's curisoity - use telecentre technology so that any youth's contribution to a creative brainstorm is within mobile reach of desire (the equivalent of coke's arm's reach of desire in product economies where global to local physical distribution logistics wass all that needed to be invested in).  -eg see the yunus10000 dvd made summer 2008 the week Nobel opened a museum in dhaka looking a third of a century's connections between all the prizes grameen and yunus had won for ending poverty by communally inspiring productivity of next generation-

More at the charter of Youth10000

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wash dc 1 301 881 1655

To join this ning please email
Norman Macrae Foundation - The Economist's pro-youth economist

7 Beijing
1 Tao Bao
2 Changsha
3.1 Hangzhou
5 Chongqing 6 Shanghai
Belt Discussion

city discussion ..Tianjin Guangzhou, Shenzhen

2 vatican pope-climate -movie Itruth sequel

Where would you like to benchmark with world record job creation? China - Jinping or Ma - the greatest country to collaborate with on the most sustainability jobs 2016 to 2030 Bangladesh - Sir Fazle or Yunus the country with the most solutions for empowering women and ending systemic extremes of poverty Timely Tipping Point & Leapfrog Investment translators across hemispheres- Jim Kim or George Soros Berners Lee & Owen The greaters openers of space - real and virtual Scaling's most courageous innovators teaching has ever seen with or without help of western media and professional monopolies - Gandhi School, May, Rachel

to charter- back in the late 1980s a group of us started asking how can the world's greatest visions (1) in terms of advancing the human lot be organised so that everyone passionate about a goal can network around it

we welcome all practitioners and youthful learners to the compass of

 what's the biggest purpose you want to see networked during life time?

ER ECONOMICS & CHARTER help design futures peoples want most- we mobilise and app entrepreneurial economics principle of action futures now to invest in longer-term prosperity that win-win-win models compound

major innovation tools linked in by charter profession include - jobscompetitions; open space ; grounded theory of opinion research; collaboration cafe; collaboration city searches - example-

also 12 grades of practising email- and such k-12 methods as new zealand has liberated since 1984 at - for evolution of digital structures since 1984 see Gordon Dryden paperfor journal of pro-youth economics and social business


please note that CHARTER like most methods that Entrepreneurial Revolution fans have spent 40 years working on since The Economist first announced ER challenges: while there is a minimal process of facilitating charters- its contextual. Try one out -q1 who in the world will uniquely miss what if we fail on the most valuable www project we know of: namely how do find 5000 youth of net generation whose collaborations can sustain growth through global villages faster than 5000 big bankers/politicos can collapse communities

- video on this challenge televised by new york's bronx tv as follow up to yunus launch talk of youth economics 2008

related yout economics projects: help find 100 leaders who value view that 2010s can be youth's most productive decade ; help innovate audits of all trillion dolar markets- eg health, edu, nutrition, media for the purpose eoples want most

charter is a collaboration leadership tool developed by Macrae Family from late 80s with 2 particular perspectives:

an entreprenurial competence of media people is to help communities question and answer what futures people want most in the most transparent and cross-cultural ways

in reserach for von neumann's biography- we valued his question - in a networking age what tools will people who want to have a good impact on maximum numbers of people use given that they will probaly be asked to help with 50 projects at a time each of whose computing anyaltics will be getting faster nd faster

while charering was intended to be a communications tool for maxiising involveent in progressing a huge goal , it turned out that the most central question oof all chartering is also the most central question for all goodwill audits including those that:

celebrate transparency

modl sustainable growth (as well as risk of collapse) as needing audits of exponential impact which are already spinning the future depending n relationship investments already made

wish to see if abundancy economics odleing eg how knowledge multiolies value in use can be much more valuable than 20th c scarcity econoics caused by consuming up things

like other tools that value open colaboration, anyone's quesstion can be valuable - note how a 9 year old asked the best question among over 1000 New yorkers at this january 2008 briefing

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