free nursing college - most important multiplier of heathcare for all

free nursing college - some of the most relevant leaders from  wholeplanet's top 100 valuing 2010s as most productive time for youth

Barbara Parfitt (Grameen Scotland)

Danny Boyle  (YunusOlympics campaign to link any famous star who want to with a person spreading most good in the world)

Larry Brilliant  (Skoll co-networker)




imagine a world in which every global village has a nurse, or a knowhow connector concerned with health

-we can achieve that if we make nursing colleges free to anyone who on graduation will spend next 7 years in a place that most desperately needs a nurse

good news : savvy investors in girl effect including buffett family and nike founhdation know - is that girls leaving school in poorest communities see free nursing colleges as one of the greatest opportunities and want to come back and serve their community

.question suppose you are a girl 16-20 and in a rural community you are their number 1 connector of possible health solutions..what knowhow would you like to be traine up in first- bangladesh first started asking this question in the 1970s - at that time the simplest knowhow impact -oral rehydration- helping mothers mix water salt, and sugar in correct proportions cures infant dairrhea (previously a killer of up to 1 in 5 infants in Bangla villages).. forwarrd what might you be linked in today- please tell us

eg started in ghana is spreading across africa as a free mobile service to instantly check whether a drug is real or fake

next a free nursing college is a perfect epicentre for all relevant open educational resources- an many of the greatest entrepreneurial models in healthcare are showing that we dont need to think just of training brilliant all purpose nurses-in many cases it is much more economic and equally wonderfully fulfiling for girls to be trained to join a team that nurses alongsie a specific practice area - be this end uneccessary blindness, hospice care mainly staffed by youth - these para nursing vocations may only take a month of intensive training unlike 2 years plus for a full nursing curriculum certification

next sometimes new technology completely changes the game - the type of most urgent need in rural vilages of expectant mothers is detecing which 10% are at risk of a dangerous birth - that;s a mobile app that a girl can be trained to serve after a week or so with the assessment - and the 10% of cases neding responses - being relayed through expert networks

if that makes it sounds as if free nurrsing coleges are central to making helatcare economical in developing countries, just look at the needs in big cities in developed countries- for example the burgeonling elderly populations need even more mobile observing - it is being found that plagues like obesity dont get resolved econokically by general hospitals but special local centres again needing far less general expertise but specific franchisee training which can create of so many jobs

if you get all the human relationships that having nurses everywhere and for every kind of customsed service then you can plug in the specialist medical services-

having the most passionate community people serving as nurses, promoting such positions from youth who would otherwise had far less career options restores affordable healthcare for all - as danny boyle so brilliantly ipened the olympics with - a nation that is round of its nursing and the health care networks they link in is likely to get much the most affordable and quality healthcare where we have seen that the converse can bankrupt a nation or make it ever more politically divdied which blocks the way forward for making the net generation the mkost productive time for youth to be alive

-know the joyful stories of closely related movements:

free university

why any microcredit worth studying has found members services for health vital to integrate

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another write-up from our fortcoming book on 10 markets whose future purposes humanity needs to value most


Most Economic Purpose- affordable health & wellbeing service for all

(social goal nobody dies before their time; ) segmented value multiplying foci: infants. mothers and youth


Major Gamechanger- Free Nursing College -

subsidiaries: e-medic patient-leading edge mobile apps; open gov - statistics that help people and communities make healthier and more economical treatment decisions


A free nursing college aims to end nurseless communities.

Overall Design criteria

Free apprenticeship to those who want to take nursing to communities without nurses especially those with lots of mothers and infants. Such communities benefit economically from having first access to nutritional advice which a village nurse can be a living champion of.


Major Youth Economic Dynamics

The community franchise explores various ways of being a financially sustainable job - these include blending nursing with education, enabling nurse to be a retailer of basic medicines, technology integration of nurse as monitor of advancing warning signals (eg which 10% of mothers are at risk of mortality at birth), transferring focus of how government spends healthcare budget, branding nursing as number 1 focus of foundations concerned with girl effect, valuing nurse as society's number 1 safety agent.


Celebrate informal not just formal value-proven ideas : it is better for a community to have a well-enough trained youngster as a point of contact for nursing inquiries than no contact point at all; maximise mentoring flows from retiring nurses (something formal systems' lawyers actually minimise); new economies of technology treatments are revealing many cases where it is more economic to train a nurse in caring for one type of patients than needing expertise in all patients. Nurses can be the cross-culturally most-trusted person in a community and so a door-opener to society as lab for most urgent redesigns - eg what the UK calls Big Society transfer of governing over to community sustaining its own solutions.


Free tertiary education models have two most economics segments - those who create new jobs, apprenticeships for services where supply is way below demand. Free nursing college is both the most valuable and largest jobs stimulant of apprenticeship-type education.


Nursing can be designed to multiply open-knowledge sharing dynamics of future of economical healthcare with particular focus on wellbeing and prevention targeting otherwise vulnerable demographic groups. There are huger emotional intelligence flows to energise round nurses than any of the other role-players in healthcare. The nurse as heroine is the sign of cultural and cross-cultural sustainability in 21st C

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